Overnight Guest Activities

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What’s on offer?

At Hidden Valley Resort we have a range of activities on offer to overnight guests including:

  • Boating Lake- Our private boating lake offers sit on top kayaking (singles & doubles), paddle boats and bumper boats
  • Adventure Mini Golf
  • Combat Laser Tag
  • Splash Valley Aqua Park – open from April 30th to Sept 23rd
  • Junior Splash Park (2-6 years) – open from May to August
  • Water balls
  • Kids outdoor adventure park- multiple playgrounds, slides, football pitch and giant space net.
  • Cinema- supervised by our staff. Takes place upstairs in The Lakehouse. Chairs, surround sound and large projector screen.
  • Arts & Crafts sessions
  • Bingo
  • Kid’s Disco

How to avail of activities

If you’re staying overnight the only activities that must be pre-booked are Splash Valley Aqua Park and Combat Laser Tag. All bookings are made online at http://www.hiddenvalley.ie/booking

Combo band/token activities

Kayaks, paddle boats, bumper boats, water balls(u12’s) & mini golf can be availed of with tokens or a combo band. These are available to purchase at reception on arrival. A combo band covers 4 activities and can be used throughout your stay with us. Day Passes Do Not need to be purchased if you are staying overnight.

Please Note: Not all activities are available in low season.

Kayaks and Paddle Boats

As well as the soothing trickle of the Avonmore River flowing through the park, we have our own private lake. Kayaks and paddle boats can both be hired out on the lake: we offer both single and double sit-on-top Ocean Kayaks and our paddle boats accommodate up to four passengers. Safety is our first priority, so all gear and life-jackets are provided.


Flowing through Hidden Valley Holiday Park, the Avonmore River rises at the foot of the Wicklow Mountains and flows in a south-easterly direction through a mountainous landscape for approximately 20 miles before joining the Avonbeg River at the ‘Meeting of the Waters’, 1.5 miles upstream of Avoca. Made up of stretches that alternate between deep, slow-flowing glides to areas of fast-flowing riffle and run areas culminating in deep pools, the river holds large stocks of wild brown trout. Fishing is available on site and on forest trails along the riverbank.

Fishing season runs from March 15th to September 30th, although the best fishing periods are spring (March-May) and early autumn (late August-September).

Hidden Valley Fishing Permits: 1 day €5.00, 2 days €8.00, 7 days €27.00

This water is controlled by The Rathdrum Environment and Trout Anglers Association and riparian owners.

Combat Laser Games (Laser Tag)

The newest and most exciting laser combat facility is now open in County Wicklow.

Laser tag use the latest digital laser guns to provide the ultimate laser combat experience.  Challenging missions are suited for all ages 6 years old and up.

Laser tag equipment is the same equipment that is used by the army/military for military training exercises.  The infrared dot scope is accurate up to 400 metres!


MP5 – The MP5 was designed with the help from actual Special Forces team operators. This gun is both light (2.13kg/4.7lbs) and agile allowing for quick targeting and reaction.  This sub machine gun is an ideal assault weapon for special operations capable of fully automatic fire and a weapon range of 400 mtrs.  The unit is equipped with triple head sensors for 360 degree hit accuracy.  The MP5 comes with 30mm red dot scope for accurate targeting, sharp LCD gun stats and adjustable stock.

XM7 – The XM7 is a high quality gun suited for the younger player weighing in at just 1.3kg/2.9lbs.  This unit is built from high grade alloy and comes with adjustable stock and strategic scope.  The XM7 has a weapon range of 150 mtrs.  The unit is equipped with triple head sensors for 360 degree hit accuracy.

The Game

Capture the Enemy Flag – Your mission is to capture the enemy flag which is flying over their base camp. This is not an easy task as the territory is open to all players.  Strategic planning, skill and speed are all required to defend your flag from the enemy while simultaneously trying to capture the enemy flag.

Total Elimination – You are a Special Forces patrol that has been dropped behind enemy lines. Your mission is simple – “Total Elimination of the Enemy.”

Hostage Rescue – The enemy has a member of your team held hostage. Your mission is to rescue the hostage and return the hostage safely to your base camp alive.  Tactical planning is imperative to this mission.

1 Hour Sessions – Held on site at Hidden Valley at €15 per person Book Online

More Photos and Details: Lasertag.ie

Kid's Outdoor Adventure Park

Our big and clever, totally brilliant fun park offers hours of entertainment for children of all ages in a safe and secure environment. As well as a big timber playground and a fantastic forest playground, we’ve got a giant space net, demon drop slides, an outdoor football pitch, games and activities organised by our staff and if that wasn’t enough, there’s a cafe serving tea, coffee, hot chocolate and food to keep the adults happy.

Open from 10am right through to dusk, our playground is only suitable for children up to age 12 (sorry, grown-ups!)

Free for guests staying on the park.

Children's Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Rates
€ 10.00 per child – includes Kid’s Outdoor Fun Park
€ 16.00 per child – includes Kid’s Outdoor Fun Park, 30 minutes on kayaks and 1 turn on bumper boats
€16.00 per child – includes Kid’s Outdoor Fun Park, 30 minutes on kayaks and 1 round of adventure mini golf

Food Option
€ 7.50 per child – includes capri sun or bottle of water, chips and choice of hamburger, chicken nuggets, sausages or fish fingers

Birthday parties must be booked in advance.
Available 7 days a week between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.
Birthday parties are booked in 3 hour slots.

Arts and Crafts Birthday Parties (offered all year)
€10 per person
€16.50 per person with food package
Every child will take home their arts and crafts such as a coin piggy bank, owl ceramic candle holder, giant pinwheel, fairy door, fairy girl, dinosaur, bugs hotel, etc.  Projects include painting and decorating etc.
Our designated arts and crafts room can be hired privately and has music and wash up sinks.

Combat Laser Tag Birthday Parties (offered all year)
€16 per person
€22 per person with food package
Combat Laser Tag is offered a few days a week in high season. It’s available at the weekends in low season.
1 hour session available on site (50 min session and 10 min safety talk).
All equipment is brand new. This activity is suitable for children ages 6 and up.

Bumper Boats

Open daily from Easter weekend: Have fun bumping into each other on these boats!

Cinema Nights

Cinema nights begin from the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. From this weekend on, the cinema is open at weekends and during high season.

Cinema starts at 7 p.m. sharp, so don’t be late!

Large bean bags provided for seating with surround sound and large projector screen.