Combat Laser Tag

Combat Laser Tag

Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, School Tours, Communions, All Groups – Exciting activity for adults and children. All gear high spec and provided.

Laser tag use the latest digital laser guns to provide the ultimate laser combat experience.  Challenging missions are suited for all ages 6 years old and up.

Laser tag equipment is the same equipment that is used by the army/military for military training exercises.  The infrared dot scope is accurate up to 400 metres!


MP5 – The MP5 was designed with the help from actual Special Forces team operators. This gun is both light (2.13kg/4.7lbs) and agile allowing for quick targeting and reaction.  This sub machine gun is an ideal assault weapon for special operations capable of fully automatic fire and a weapon range of 400 mtrs.  The unit is equipped with triple head sensors for 360 degree hit accuracy.  The MP5 comes with 30mm red dot scope for accurate targeting, sharp LCD gun stats and adjustable stock.

XM7 – The XM7 is a high quality gun suited for the younger player weighing in at just 1.3kg/2.9lbs.  This unit is built from high grade alloy and comes with adjustable stock and strategic scope.  The XM7 has a weapon range of 150 mtrs.  The unit is equipped with triple head sensors for 360 degree hit accuracy.

The Game

Capture the Enemy Flag – Your mission is to capture the enemy flag which is flying over their base camp. This is not an easy task as the territory is open to all players.  Strategic planning, skill and speed are all required to defend your flag from the enemy while simultaneously trying to capture the enemy flag.

Total Elimination – You are a Special Forces patrol that has been dropped behind enemy lines. Your mission is simple – “Total Elimination of the Enemy.”

Hostage Rescue – The enemy has a member of your team held hostage. Your mission is to rescue the hostage and return the hostage safely to your base camp alive.  Tactical planning is imperative to this mission.