Activity Terms & Conditions

Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions govern the contract you are entering into.


“The company”: Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. trading as Hidden Valley Holiday Park & Hidden Valley Adventure Park & Splash Valley Adventure.

Customers/Participants: Any person (or parent/guardian if under 18) who is in attendance and/or participating in an activity organised by the company.

Activities: Includes ALL activities/events provided by Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. both on site and off site, included, but not limited to: aqua park, kayaking, paddle boats, bumper boats, fishing, archery, combat laser tag, adventure mini golf, bungee trampolines, rock climbing wall, water balls, football, orienteering, game zone, playgrounds, team building, dancing, cinema, camp activities, events, café/restaurant access and other athletic activities.


These Booking Terms & Conditions apply to all Activities provided by Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. and any other products & services at the location of Hidden Valley Holiday Park, Rathdrum, County Wicklow, Ireland.

These Booking Term & Conditions contain important information concerning participation by you and members of your party. Accordingly, you must acknowledge and agree that you shall ensure that all members of your party are aware of and accept these Booking Terms & Conditions.

Customers are reminded that the Activities are potentially hazardous and use of the Activities is at the Customers own risk. All attendees to the Park must observe the Entry Conditions at all times.

Whilst we make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the descriptions of the Activities are correct and reasonable and accurate, images and video footage of the Activities are for illustrative purposes only. By proceeding with this booking, you confirm you’re not relying on any representations made.

No variation to these Booking Terms & Conditions shall be binding unless agreed to in writing by Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd.

Any typographical clerical error or other error or omission in any booking confirmation or other documentation issued by Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. (including electronic documentation) shall be subject to correction without liability on the part of Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd.

Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. reserves the right to make changes to Activities whether to conform to any applicable safety or statutory requirements or otherwise. We reserve the right, without prior notice, to remove any feature that we deem necessary or to change the layout of the park.

Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. is both a campsite and adventure centre offering both activities and overnight stays. The very nature of the business is for families to experience the great outdoors. The Avonmore river runs through the site (which is not fenced off), there are two lakes on site and the walking surface can change from tarmac to gravel to sand to grass, etc. It is imperative that all persons where shoes at all times and that participants are aware of the changing surfaces and uneven terrain across the entire premises. We want families to enjoy all that our site has to offer, but it is solely the participants responsibility to be aware of their surroundings at all times.

Entry into the Activities

  1. All persons entering the Activities must have a valid entry ticket. All entry tickets purchased are only valid on the date and time printed on the ticket.
  2. All pre-booked tickets (whether made via online or telephone) are non-refundable and only transferrable with a minimum of 7 days notice, subject to availability and can only be transferred to a date within the same calendar year. 
There will be no cash refund alternative, even if no convenient date or times are available.
  3. Our online booking system will guide you through the booking process. Before submitting your Order to us you will be given the opportunity to review your Order and amend it. Please ensure that you have checked your Order carefully before submitting it and that each guest is able to satisfy the Entry Conditions. By submitting your Order, you represent to us that you have authority to make the booking on behalf of your party and that the booking is subject to these terms and conditions.
  4. All session prices are subject to change at any time. In order to secure a booking the full amount is due at the time of booking. If full payment has not been made in accordance with these conditions, then the company reserves the right to cancel the booking.
  5. The booking is considered confirmed once Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. has verbally accepted the booking on site or has issued a written confirmation, receipt or invoice. This includes email and website confirmation if booked online. Once a booking has been confirmed, the Participant will have an allocated date and time. The Participant must advise Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. within 24 hours of making the booking if there is any mistake in this booking confirmation. Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. will exercise all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Participant and the Participant’s party’s allocated activity commences at the time booked and it shall be the responsibility of the Participant to ensure they arrive in sufficient time. Late arrivals may not be permitted to undertake the activity booked and no refunds or compensation will be payable in such circumstances.
  6. If tickets are bought on behalf of other guests, you accept the Entry Conditions on behalf of every guest and shall ensure that each person in the group complies with the Entry Conditions.
  7. WAIVER – All participants must sign a release waiver, which is emailed to you after you’ve made your booking, before participating in any activity at Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. Children under the age of 18 years must have the release waiver signed by a parent or guardian. The waiver must be signed before arrival to the park. Failing to do so will result in the customer not being able to participate in the said Activity.
  8. The Aqua Park operates a strict adult to child regulation policy in order to comply with health and safety standards
  9. Payment for all tickets online/telephone must always be made in advance and you will be prompted to pay during the order process.
  10. All prices listed are in Euro and are inclusive of VAT.

Entry Requirements

  1. You will be admitted to the Activities subject to the Entry Conditions. If you do not comply with the Entry Conditions or you fail to complete the online Waiver you will not be permitted access to the Activities or may be removed from the Activities by us, without any right to a refund. Whilst at the Activities, you must comply with any reasonable instructions given to you by our personnel or any third party instructed on behalf of us. We reserve the right to vary these Entry Conditions at any time without prior notice.
  2. By entering the Activities, you accept that you have a duty to take reasonable steps to ensure your own safety, taking into account any personal medical conditions. All persons in and around the Activities should behave in a safe manner at all times and must not act in any manner which may disturb other users of the Activities.
  3. If you or any one in your party behaves in a manner which we consider to be unsafe or where we believe that you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol or where you disregard the reasonable instructions given to you by us, cause a nuisance or endanger others on the park, then we reserve the right to remove you from the Activities.
  4. Aqua Park participants must be 110cm or taller and must be 7 years old or older. Participants under the age of 18 will only be able to use the Aqua Park with parental consent. All participants must be confident in the water and be able to swim 50m in order to participate in the aqua park.Participants must wear a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet. No loose articles are permitted. No personal items are permitted such as sunglasses, spectacles/glasses, rings, earrings, jewellery, cameras, etc.The runways and obstacles of the course are all inflatable, anchored in place and floating on the water surface, and as such are all slippery and form an unstable platform. Entry into the water must be feet first. No diving at any time. Flips and acrobatics are prohibited. When you’re jumping/sliding in from an obstacle please ensure that your landing is clear and you’re not jumping into or onto anyone. Do NOT climb up an obstacle directly behind someone as they could fall back on you. Swimming under obstacles is strictly forbidden.Parental supervision: Minimum of 1 adult to 6 children. Children aged 7-10 years old must be accompanied by an adult (18+) on the Aqua Park (ratio 1 adult to 3 kids). Children aged 11-15 years old must be accompanied by an adult (18+) on site at all times. Children are the responsibility of the supervising adult at all times.Our instructors are there to ensure your safety. Please respect them and listen to them to control the volumes of people on the equipment.
  1. Combat Laser Tag participants must be at least 6 years of age. Participants must wear a runner or closed toe shoe and a camouflage boiler suit over their clothing. This Activity is played in the forest where there is uneven terrain, leaves, branches, rocks and other natural materials, as well as added features such as, but not limited to, camouflage netting, barrels, barricades, timber walls etc. The ground can be wet, especially when playing in the rain. The participant fully acknowledges these terrain conditions and accepts they are responsible for their own safety.
  2. Boating Lake (kayaks, bumper boats, paddle boats) participants must wear a life vest and their shoes. Your clothing will get wet and possibly dirty. We do not recommend taking cameras/glasses out onto the water in case you drop them. All participants must stay sitting down on the boats at all times and must not get out of the boats. Always give right away to younger persons. The boating lake is not for swimming. Anyone who is seen to be causing a disruption or not following the rules will be called in with no refund.
  3. Playgrounds are strictly for children 12 years old and younger. Shoes must be worn at all times. Children must be supervised by their parent/guardian at all times while using the playgrounds and while on the Park. The Park operates a Zero Tolerance Policy to bullying, pushing, rough play and foul language. Children who are not following the rules will be removed from the playgrounds.
  4. Rock Wall/Bungee Trampolines/Water Balls are for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old. If the harness does not fit, then the child is not permitted to use the Activity, as it would not be safe. Participants must follow the rules displayed at each Activity and listen to the instructors.
  5. Adventure Mini Golf is a family activity for both adults and children. The golf course has water features, rolling hills, steps/stairs and uneven terrain. All children need to be supervised by their guardian on the day. All participants need to be cautious of their surroundings at all times, so they don’t slip, trip, fall on the features of the adventure golf course.

Arrival Times

For “Timed Activities”, Participants should arrive at least 45 minutes in advance for the Aqua Park and 25 minutes in advance for Laser Tag to get kitted out for the Activity and for the safety briefings. This is essential as Activities have a limited capacity and delays to the start can cause further delays for participants throughout that day.

No refunds or partial refunds will be made for late arriving participants. If the participant misses the safety briefing, then the participant will not be allowed to join the activity.


Free parking is provided on site.  The management cannot accept liability for loss or damage caused to any vehicle or its contents whilst parked on site.  Vehicles are left entirely at the owners risk.


The Activities comprise of challenge-based Activities and participation is not without risk that could be fatal. All Participants are required to read, understand and sign a waiver document, stating their awareness and acceptance of all dangers involved in the activities at Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd.

All Participants must watch the safety video and/or attend the specific training provided by Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. where applicable.

Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. reserves the right to refuse admittance to the Activities or to remove a Participant from any activity should it be deemed necessary to do so. This includes, but is not limited to, a Participant who does not comply with the safety rules, safety advice and the safety system or who is suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Participants are liable for any damage caused.

After the safety briefing and/or instruction Participants will not be directly supervised by an instructor.

All Participants must be reasonably fit & healthy.

All Participants are required to wear the safety equipment/clothing provided. Failure to comply with any of these safety and clothing requirements will deem the participant unfit to participate in the activity.

Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of clothing or other personal items of persons resulting from participation in the Activities.

All Participants are required to act responsibly and courteously at all times and to respect other Participants. Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. shall be entitled to prevent any person from undertaking or completing Activities in an event whereby the behaviour is deemed to be unsuitable.

Participants are required to have reasonable eyesight (similar requirements imposed in order to drive a vehicle). Consequently, short or long-sighted participants must ensure they wear their contact lenses or appropriately secured glasses/prescription goggles.

The Activities provided at Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. are physically demanding and require a degree of agility, strength and stamina. If Participants are in any doubt as to whether they should attempt the Activities they are advised to view the Activities before booking. If Participants have medical concerns they are required to consult their doctor in advance.

Due to the physical/challenging nature of some of the Activities, Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. recommends that pregnant women do not take part in some of the Activities (such as the Aqua Park and Combat Laser Tag).

The Activities will remain open in most weather conditions (but not in circumstances of excessive wind, lightning or any weather condition that is deemed dangerous)

All Participants must abide by all the Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. Conditions of Entry.

Gift Vouchers

Once a gift voucher has been purchased it may not be cancelled, extended or transferred. Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash. Gift vouchers expire 1 year from purchase date.


Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. operates a strict no-refund policy. No refunds will be issued for failing to turn up or arriving late for booked sessions.

All sales are final, however you can change your booking date with a minimum of 7 days notice, subject to availability and within the same calendar year.


All participants must sign a release waiver, which is emailed to you after you’ve made your booking, before participating in any activity at Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd.

Children under the age of 18 years must have the release waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

Customers will not be able to participate in the Activities if the Waiver is not signed before they arrive to the park.


Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. takes photographs and/or videos during sessions, which may appear on the company’s websites, social media, brochures, and other marketing materials including online. If the participant doesn’t want to be photographed and/or recorded, then the participant must notify the manager in writing before the session commences. If the participant does not inform the manager in writing, then the participant agrees for Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. to use the photographs and/or videos for promotional purposes.


Except as otherwise provided in these Terms & Conditions, Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. shall not be responsible for the loss or damage of or to any property or to any person arising from the booking of or participation in the Activities. Parking facilities are available on site, and vehicles are left at the owner’s risk. Nothing contained in these Terms & Conditions is intended to nor shall limit liability of Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. in respect of death or personal injury caused by negligence of Hidden Valley Holidays Ltd. or of its employees, agents or contractors.

Understanding of Terms and Conditions

The company’s acceptance of any booking will only be done subject to the customer’s acceptance of these conditions and the Term’s and Conditions on the company’s website. Payment and/or a consent signature of the customer (parent/guardian if under 18) will be regarded as evidence of acceptance of and consent to these conditions.